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S3 Recycling Announces Expansion into Springfield TN

S3 Recycling Solutions, an electronics recycler, will be adding a facility in the Bransford Heights Business Center in Springfield, the Robertson County Economic Development Board announced.

The location of the facility will be 901 Central Avenue, which was part of the Conwood Tobacco processing facility. The electronics recycler plans to bring 25 new jobs and invest $2.1 million in Robertson County over the next five years.

S3, which has its headquarters in Nashville, helps customers reduce the cost of ownership of electronic technology assets while maintaining data security the highest industry standards.

“I want to thank S3 Recycling for choosing to move and expand their operations in Robertson County and for their investment in Springfield,” said Roger Blackwood, chairman of the RCEDB. “They are exactly the type of business we envisioned when we received the donation of the old Conwood facility and began the task of making it suitable for new business and industry.”

S3 has acquired a 70,000-square foot warehouse, part of a facility that was gifted to Robertson County in 2015 by Conwood’s successor company, American Snuff. The RCEDB has invested in rehabilitating that building as well as a neighboring building at 921 Central to attract new business and industry to an economically disadvantaged area of Springfield.

“We are excited to join the Springfield business community,” S3 CEO Rod McDaniel said. “We look forward to contributing to the success of the local economic environment and becoming an overall positive community partner.”

“I am excited that new jobs are coming to Springfield and Robertson County. S3 Recycling’s investment of $1.2 million in the building and equipment on Central Avenue is helping to make this possible. I congratulate S3 Recycling and all who were involved in bringing these jobs to our area. We are especially grateful for the investment of time and resources by the county and the Economic Development Board in saving this site and creating the Bransford Heights Business Center,” said Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider.

“I would like to thank S3 Recycling for choosing to locate in Robertson County. Special thanks from the people I represent in Springfield for this growth and employment opportunity,” stated Alderman Bobby Trotter, representing Ward 2 in Springfield where the Bransford Heights Business Center is located.