Payment-in-Lieu-of-Tax (PILOT) program

Robertson County offers a Payment-in-Lieu-of-Tax (PILOT) program which can significantly reduce operating costs in the first several years by reducing or abating real and personal property taxes. The length and amount of abatement or reduction is negotiated with existing and prospective companies based on jobs created, capital investment and wage levels.

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Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program

Tax Increment Financing is  a public financing method that can be used to fund infrastructure and other community-improvement projects. The intent of a TIF program is to stimulate private investment in economic development projects, particular redevelopment of blighted or under utilized areas.

Through the use of TIF, the county and cities can divert future property tax revenue increases from a defined area or district toward an economic development project or public improvement project in the community.

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Tennessee State Incentives

The State of Tennessee offers employee training grants, public infrastructure grants, tax credits, and sales and use tax exemptions. Incentives are based on the number of new jobs created, amount of capital invested, and the type of business.

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TVA Economic Development Incentives

The Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development team focuses on attracting new companies and retaining existing businesses in its service area. TVA offers a unique range of economic incentives that will benefit your project based on economic and power system metrics to create a profile of your company’s value to the region.

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