Reports to: Student Services Supervisor and Director of Schools

Contract: Full-Time All Year

Grant Funded Position

Summary of position:
Identify and coordinate the entire housing process for families experiencing homelessness: including locating housing, performing inspections, matching client need to housing options, coordinating and supervising moves, and ongoing housing inspections.
Generates and manages housing leads to grow the landlord network through landlord visits and cultivation. Ensure housing options are fully compliant with grants.
Maintains detailed records on housing status, landlord recruitment, housing inspections, and financial assistance.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Clearly articulate Robertson/Cheatham Counties mission, goals and value proposition to landlords and community stakeholders.
Actively generate and qualify new housing leads for families. • Recruits new individuals/companies to landlord network, through ongoing landlord cultivation, encouraging them to become “preferred landlords”.
Maintain landlord relationships through ongoing communications, resolution of client issues, and ongoing inspection to ensure properties are taken care of, and prompt customer service.
Ensure adequate rental units are available for clients, in order to move families quickly from shelter/homelessness into appropriate housing (example agency goal: 100 families housed in a twelve-month period).
Meet families as soon as they become clients to discuss housing program, assess housing barriers, and begin making a housing plan.
Provide transportation for families to view and approve possible housing placements in agency vehicle.
Interact with clients according to a trauma-informed care framework.
Understand the needs of clients and be able to effectively advocate for housing needs.
Match client’s needs and goals to available units, taking into account client’s preference for unit type, safety of area, housing conditions, and proximity to employment opportunities.
Track housing updates for each client on salesforce, regularly updating information to ensure that program team is able to daily track client housing progress.
Coordinate and assist with housing placements for families experiencing homelessness including utility set up, moving and other necessities.
Provide ongoing advice, expertise, consultation and technical assistance to program director and coaches/case managers on housing matters.
Serves as a liaison between Robertson/Cheatham Counties and other housing agencies, providers and landlords/property managers on all matters related to housing.
Work with and advise Robertson/Cheatham Counties to ensure program and provider compliance with all applicable Federal and local housing regulations, laws and standards.
Perform administrative duties related to paperwork and documentation for all housing programs and grants, ensuring full compliance related to housing.
Key performance metrics tracked monthly include: # of qualified housing leads, # of landlords housing one or more clients, landlord satisfaction, and # of clients housed.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
2 years’ related experience (housing advocacy, sales/negotiation skills, etc.).
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with attention to detail, required.

Physical Requirements:
Work Environment: Office setting and out in community. Must be able to sit / stand for 8 hours.
Walking, bending, lifting up to 50 lbs.
Must be able to travel to community service providers, housing and property, and to families in need.
Ability to drive agency vehicles including 15-passenger van and large truck (as applicable to agency)

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