Under general supervision, performs a variety of administrative and technical support duties primarily related to
current planning functions for the City of White House.
The Planning Technician is assigned specific assignments, job duties, scope, authority, responsibility, roles and
requirements as determined by the City of White House, Planning and Codes Department, and pursuant to laws,
regulation and practices. Individuals in this position must be able to successfully perform, be responsible for and/or
assist in the fulfillment of many job functions and duties, with or without reasonable accommodation.
The following duties and responsibilities are illustrative of the primary functions of this position and are not intended
to be all inclusive:
Accurately reviews and processes proposed land development project applications and other documents for
consistency with applicable provisions of the City of White House Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations and
Municipal Code.
Provides customer service to public in person, by phone, or virtually by answering technical questions related to land
use code, official zoning district map, development review process, zoning information regarding projects and
building permits.
Confers with applicants and public to assist with application process, explain, interpret and discuss regulations, plans,
policies and procedures as they relate to proposed development, and provides verbal and written communication as
Archives mylars and other pertinent documents, and records necessary documents with counties in a timely manner.
Assists with applications for Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and other meetings and creates meeting
agendas with appropriate project descriptions and categorization, demonstrating ability to differentiate between
project type and processes.
Consults with planning staff and reviews the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations and Municipal Code to
ensure compliance with code and conditions of approval.
Keeps record of applications’ statuses, including planning staff input, guidance, comments, questions, and other
Assists with property maintenance code enforcement, prepares code enforcement notifications and tracks compliance
Reviews sign applications for compliance with sign code and issues permits to applicants.
Prepares public hearing notices, sends notices to newspaper for publishing and facilitates property posting
Appropriately communicates or requests information regarding projects to and/or from applicants.
Performs routine research projects as directed, such as determining lot totals and numbers of building permits issued
by type.
Processes home occupation permits, assists in coordinating inspections, reviews and issues building and sign permits.
Planning Technician
Revised 09-23-2021
Performs related duties as established by law/ordinance or reasonably directed by the City of White House.
Performs ad hoc GIS tasks, using ESRI’s suite of products.
Continues educational requirements in order to remain abreast of current methods and procedures.
Performs other related tasks as assigned.
Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Knowledge of the City of White House Municipal Code, Zoning Code, and
Subdivision Regulations; knowledge of planning principles and practices including pertinent specialties; knowledge
of principles and practices of research and data collection; statistical, algebraic or geometric knowledge and ability to
apply such knowledge; knowledge of computer hardware and software programs including Microsoft Office, Internet
applications, and GIS; general, working knowledge of the Planning division; ability to review plans and apply
provisions of the ordinances and codes to determine compliance with such regulations and to apply regulations to field
conditions; ability to quickly learn operational procedures and consistently work within the operational structure;
ability to use independent judgement in routine and non-routine circumstances, and critical situations; ability to make
proper notifications to Planning and Codes Director; knowledge of a combination of technical, analytical,
organizational, communication and interpersonal relationship skills, as well as professionalism; ability to solve
problems and work under pressure; ability to work independently or in a team environment as needed.
Physical Requirements: Ability to pass reasonable fitness and physical standards to safely perform essential
functions of the job, if required, as determined by city physician, vision and hearing, normal or corrected sufficient to
read, write, distinguish colors, and safely operate tools and equipment used in work; dexterity and fitness sufficient to
safely operate, utilize and maintain tools and equipment used in work; ability to lift and carry approximately 25
pounds, though greater weights at times may be lifted, carried and/or placed; dexterity and fitness to grasp, crouch,
bend, stoop, walk, and otherwise perform physical functions of the assignment.
Work Environment: Work environment is generally agreeable with good working conditions but may be slightly
dirty or involve exposure to some other slightly disagreeable elements. The work environment demands minimal
confinement with no protective equipment required. Generally, physical and working conditions are such that minor
cuts, abrasions, bruises, or burns may be encountered, despite provision of safety measures and health precautions
(generally not lost time as a result). Work is conducted in a normal office setting. Noise level is low to moderate.
Training and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in planning or other related field preferred. Six (6) months experience
in governmental planning, public administration, or related field; or any combination of education training, and
experience providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential job functions

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